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I’m really interested in hearing other people’s views on both the books I read and what I thought of them. I don’t expect you to agree with either my taste in authors or what I made of their work. However I’m not hosting hateful, abusive or derisive comments – so, express yourself politely or express yourself elsewhere.
The purpose of this blog is to talk about books and writing. Argument, opinion, debate – all wonderful things if carried out constructively. This means making a relevant point well – abusing other posters, leaving one-line comments saying “Oh, I SO thought that…” or passing off generic pingbacks as real comments all fail in this regard.
Sentence case is severely under-appreciated these days. The point of capital letters, punctuation and standardised spelling is to communicate. It helps the people reading your words by offering them the courtesy of making them as easily-intelligible as possible. Please bring yourself to use these arcane devices if you possibly can.